Doing Your Homework

Remember the “good old days” of your school years? You’re probably smiling right now as you reminisce about some special event or person from your past. Some of our memories are sad, most are happy and a few may have been life changing for better or worse. No matter the emotional effect those thoughts have on you, one of the most remembered  subjects has got to be homework. Yes that dreaded, time consuming, irritating, confusingly complicated duty called home-work was the main thorn in our sides. Some people avoided the issue, some resisted, some revolted and a small few refused to even take part in the uninspiring process altogether. As a result some people failed, flunked-out and repeated grades, while others quit school altogether and never graduated.

Later the majority of those who quit and refused to make a concerted effort to complete their basic education regret that decision for the rest of their days. The job market is a respecter of education in a monetary way…..no education or vocational training generally equals a low paying job without much of a future. In hind-sight, homework was a useful hands-on tool designed to teach us to learn how to learn. It seems no matter what venue in life we’re thinking about doing your homework is still important. When making a purchase; a house, a car or whatever, doing your homework will get you the best deal…it’s hard to understand your options and make a smart decision without acquiring all of the pertain-ant necessary details.

Homework is also a must-do in the world of Personal Development. The things you must learn come only by way of data, fact gathering and mindset changing instruction manuals found through personal research, in other words; by doing your homework. There exists inside you a new and better you awaiting your discovery and hungry to be set free. On this premise, your friendly-online-neighborhood ThinkerBites offers the following Bite for your mental diet; ” Guessing and assuming aren’t fact gathering tools, you got to do your homework.” It’s all about the U in you, so do your homework….

  It’s About You!