What How & What

 What, How & What

The subject may seem a little confusing so let’s clear out the smoke and get a good look at the What, How and What of your thinking processes.The first “what” is negativity, the main causative agent for diseases of the  human attitude which effect us all. Have you ever had a bad case of stinkin’ thinkin , sclerosis of the personality or the big dummy syndrome? Get a hold on the understanding that in order to cure these common illnesses we must un-learn all the negative thinking that has been sown into our brains. A Mind-Set change is in order and the hard fact is you simply can’t change your mind-set without the tools necessary to accomplish the task.

Secondly let’s check out the “how”; this is the point where the difficult action all begins and we’ve arrived at “Personal Development“. The term will be represented by the abbreviation (PD) for the purposes of this post.  The only way to attack that negativity is through the power acquired from (PD) and the process is simple but it is NOT easy. The real talk here is you don’t get into (PD) you get it into you and the implementation of it is where the magic happens, check it out ASAP if you’re serious about a positive change. Look at snoopy’s reaction when he discovered (PD)……priceless! By way of definition; (PD) is the discovery that the power inside you can change your thinking and cure your attitude diseases, growing a better you by developing the U inside you.


Thirdly the latter “what” is the new ways in which you think and develop the better version of you. At ThinkerBites we’re proud to post tonights Bite;”Personal Development will not change What you think but it will change How you think, which will change What you think.” While this may not be the most enlightening Bite we’ve ever written but the subject is so very important, you’ve got to get this one into your ‘mental muncher‘ and digest it fully in order to get the self empowerment nutrients it contains that your new self can’t grow without. Positize yourself with (PD) and get it into you or the world’s Negativity will chew you up and spit you out, not a pleasant experience…. been there done that. Remember; It’s All About The U In You!”

  It’s About You!