A Plan

Plan Or Not To Plan

Since the beginning of time human beings have appreciated, adapted and utilized the idea of planning in order facilitate living life in a happier, fuller and a more organized way. It has been said that planning doesn’t take the element of fate into consideration, however, fate is really a simple-minded explanation/excuse for sitting back and lazily allowing whatever happens to happen without the slightest effort to guide or control the resultant outcome.

The life long application to this line of thinking produces serious, negative and undesirable consequences which will follow a participating person’s ability to attract virtually any major amount of success until it is eliminated. Suffice it to say that “NOT planning” creates gross negativity and failure, while on the other hand, proper planning will create a multitude of positive results.

Benjamin Franklin said it this way; “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” and that’s pretty close to the bulls-eye, the bottom line and the whole idea in a nut-shell. Have you ever wondered why you just can’t seem to reach any of your goals? Many people keep changing their goals and then can’t understand when that doesn’t resolve their problem. The reason is it’s not the goals that were all screwed-up, it’s the lack of proper planning to reach the goals that make the difference. The results of not formulating a written plan has become the fly in the ointment of your success. To this dilemma ThinkerBites offers the Bite for tonight;” Remember: an unwritten plan and no plan are one in the same!” Planning plus action equal  a balanced successful happy life and you can begin now…..

   It’s About You!