Size Matters!

When Size Matters!

Some folks are hooked on the “bigger is better” idea and that’s the subject of our Bite for your consideration tonight. The premise is true in some cases and not so much in others. The people in the “Lone Star State” like to brag about everything being bigger in Texas and that seems like an important issue if you live in that state. The bigger is better train of thought is just that, an opinion; arrived at by a personal perspective and not so much by a preponderance of the available evidence.

We may argue about the pros and cons of this one but there is no room for opinion when viewed from the  the Personal Development point of view  which results in our mental meal of this ThinkerBite;”When your WHY becomes big enough, you will find your HOW.” While most things aren’t that important, this on one definitely is… finding your why is of the utmost importance if you are serious about possessing any amount of success and happiness. It is therefore critical to your future that you locate your why, recognize it and nourish it’s growth. When your why becomes real to you, you find, plan and implement the how necessary to catch your dreams. Hint: look inside…………



It’s About You!