Which One Are You Working On?

Which One?

Today’s ThinkerBite is about both the explanations and excuses in your Personal Development portfolio, a choice that each person must make for themselves. The gist of the matter in question revolves around the two terms of success and failure. First let’s settle the achievement issue related to success, you don’t earn it, you attract it by what you become. Failure on the other hand is accumulated by default, you really don’t have to try in order to experience it. However, failure can be a useful tool when you learn from it but a destructive force if you don’t.

There are two kinds of failure; working failure which is good and lazy failure which is not. The psychiatric problem of failure is rooted in the fear of it and not the failure itself. When you fail at a particular effort…wham, you’ve learned what not to do to attract success the next time, try something else. Trying to obtain a different result doing the same thing over and over again is the definition of insanity according Albert Einstein, so let’s don’t go there or as the late, great Jim Rohn said; “I wouldn’t sign up for that class.”

We respectfully offer this Bite to supplement your Developmental diet, while success requires no explanation and failure requires no excuse, both are part of the common human experience. Which one have you chosen? “Are you working on attracting Success or have you settled for Failure?” Remember that the road to Success is built upon countless paths of Failure so keep a positive attitude and work on yourself because as always; ” It’s All About The U In You!”


It’s About You!