A Mental Viral Infection

Viral Infection

The idea behind the Bite for tonight is really all about the need for a good old positive attitude in our everyday game plan. The  common lack of a learned positive view-point has allowed general Negativity to grow by leaps and bounds, infiltrating nearly every facet of the human experience.This severally limits the spread of individual Personal Development, increasing the common fear factor, thus elevating all the forces of negativity for the world at large.The ThinkerBite under consideration is; “Ramping-up the positive will down-turn the negative.”

Fear is motivated basically  by apathetic unfamiliarity, which as the old saying goes,”Unfamiliarity breeds contempt” or for the sake of clarification, we fear what we do not comprehend or believe. This mindset launches our mental exec fileit initializes the attitude program generator and that in turn, creates a (BAF) blame acquisition file. Once the BAF loads, it will access the selection menu and enter the proper password to override the human logical conclusion bitmap, resulting in the human brain’s resolution capabilities effectively shutting down.

This is a viral infection of the mental attitude, the condition will halt all reasonable thought and begin to desperately search for someone or something to be labeled as the guilty party. Warning: this scenario can be a real dream killer, a sort of grim-reaper in your head, energizing a mental burp, a tiny quasmatic spark that initiates the ignition firing mechanism containing one microscopic cell in the human thinking machine and POW.


The resultant flash illuminates the vast darkness of a mind in neutral, which in turn triggers the necessary electric impulses of a thought! However, despite the problematic process under consideration here and as is often the bottom-line, the thought is Negative. Negativity never enhances personal growth, nor does it support self development which are vitally necessary if the attraction of wealth, happiness and success are your end-desired results. Think positively or negatively, your choice because as always; “ It’s All About The U In You.”


It’s About You!