A hot cup of coffee, a comfortable over-stuffed chair sitting by a picture window wrapped by a cozy blanket in the warmth of your house is a great place to be when a winter storm hits. There have been many times I had to be out in the weather on frigid days and I’m happier when I’m watching the storm from inside.

The four seasons change in the same order as one follows the other; in the ever circulating pattern which remains the same as the year before. Some years we’ll have a warmer than usual winter and by the same token, we will have some that make you think everything will remain hopelessly and permanently frozen.

Since the beginning of Earth’s infancy people, animals and the entire environment have suffered in literal solidarity during those intolerable and inhospitable winter seasons. It has been universally reported that the mental and emotional stress on human beings during a hard winter causes depression and spring fever while we impatiently await the passing of the winter cold.

While it is painfully true that winter can wear a person into a frazzle, relief is just around the corner when spring appears and the good thing about that fact is the subject for our ThinkerBite for tonight; “ Remember, the winter won’t last forever, but it will come back.”~Jim Rohn



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