A New Years Resolution

A Positive Resolution

When I think about the approach of a new year my mind goes back to the experiences which resulted in both Positive and Negative outcomes during the past 12 months. While it might sound good to say I only dwell on the Positives of last year, it wouldn’t be the truth. It seems like I have a vivid picture of all the things that went wrong and a short memory of the blessings that occurred; for such is the human tendency to remember the Negative first automatically and take the Positives for granted. The Negative mind-set seems to be hardwired into our nature and must be consciously controlled.

Here’s a novel idea  make  Positive resolutions this year and POSITIZE your personal development. I think you’ll be amazed at how much greater the Positive events of your life in the upcoming year will be! Positive attitudes attract positive outcomes; in short what you think is attracted to you and how much more Negativity do you really need? I have enough without my mind-set pulling it to me so take the plunge and resolve to install positive thinking into the picture you’re painting for the new year.

Your Friendly neighborhood ThinkerBites offers this Bite for tonight; “Discard Negative destructive thinking and replace it with Positive constructive thinking” construct your life don’t destruct it. Positivity is the name of the game so play it, after all it’s a new year with a new beginning and It’s All About The U In You!


            It’s About You!