Comfort Zone


The subject of thefor tonight is an abstract idea which is considered a reality and avoided in most conversations, except those with yourself; your Comfort Zone. The comfort zone is a small space where relaxed actions can be expected to occur for most people… a space where we feel free and confident to express ourselves, convey our knowledge or share our expertise. In most human beings however this space will remain tiny, short, shallow and virtually un-exercised which is the reason the muscles of our comfort zones are skinny, sickly, shriveled and down-right unhealthy.

One of the main reasons that we don’t grow faster in the Personal Development department is that most of us lack an expandable comfort zone. We don’t like attempting things we have never done before because they tend to force us to “change” or widen the area of operation where we are confident and comfortable.

It has been said that we are all creatures of habit and we don’t like our routines altered. Have you ever been asked to do sometime that you haven’t ever done? Remember the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you asked to say a few words in public, maybe to a group of people? Do you recall asking a girl out on your first date or your first kiss…mmmm those were the days, but not while they were happening because they crowded our¬†comfort zones. Makes you think; were those really the good old days now doesn’t it?

ThinkerBites offers this blip of intellectual data for your mental diet; “ In order for your Comfort Zone to grow, it must be fed and exercised.” Feed it with the acquired confidence gained from it’s exercise. That’s the point keep working on yourself and your Comfort Zone will expand, you’ll be surprised what you can learn to accomplish when you relax and push your boundaries… Because in the end “It’s All About The U In You!”




It’s About You!