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Help Needed: Instructions Are NOT Included

  Instructions NOT Included The mental-dietary Bite for tonight is an educational exploration extravaganza!  We delve into the the points of learning, knowing, doing and teaching others how to do the same. While it is fundamentally necessary that you get an education, it is also important to understand what was said by Jim Rohn and […]


When 100% = Failure

When 100% Isn’t Enough In everybody’s life a little rain must fall, okay but you find yourself asking what about a full-blown monsoon? You know the kind of storm that blows you clear off course to somewhere unfamiliar and right into the middle of nowhere.  This is the point where your friends interject; “I have […]


Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Every year we celebrate Valentine‘s day, the day dedicated to love and the expressions of warm togetherness. The story goes something like this; in the days of old and nobody knows exactly when that was, lovers would send a note to the one they loved. People asked their special someone to be their Valentine, […]


Let’s Talk Academics And Fun-da-mentals (part 3)

Let’s Talk Academics And Fundamentals (part 3) The recap this text; Corporate America’s JOB is a starting point, not the end goal while you get creating the new you and remember don’t put all your eggs in the JOB basket because most of them will never hatch. Follow your heart, re-energize your dreams and believe […]


Let’s Talk Academics And Fun-da-mentals (part 2)

Let’s Talk Fundamentals (part 2) Enter the second idea, which can, if properly applied enable you to have the time to stop and smell the roses while enjoying their beauty without the hourly restraints of a JOB. One of the fathers of the Personal Development the perfect ideological philosophy, Mr. Jim Rohn said it like […]


Let’s Talk Academics and Fun-da-mentals (part 1)

Let’s Talk Academics And Fundamentals  (part 1) `This is part 1 of a 3 part series for your mental diet from your friendly online neighborhood ThinkerBites. The Bite for tonight is; “Are you just living or designing a life?” There are two different and contrasting ideas on what is the way to best ensure a […]