Let’s Talk Academics and Fun-da-mentals (part 1)

Let’s Talk Academics And Fundamentals 

(part 1)

`This is part 1 of a 3 part series for your mental diet from your friendly online neighborhood ThinkerBites. The Bite for tonight is; “Are you just living or designing a life?”

There are two different and contrasting ideas on what is the way to best ensure a happy, well rounded and satisfying life in modern day America. For the sake of a better understanding, the ideas conflict on methodologies, principals and basic operating parameters, as well as central themes. The first life idea we’ll call the Academic approach and the second the Fundamental format. This is part 1 of a 3 part series for your mental diet from ThinkerBites.

The Corporate America mentality utilizes the Academic approach which we are all taught through the normal course of public education which teaches that in order to have a happy life you must embrace the idea of higher education. It will supply you with the ability to earn a “good living” for your family and supply the general necessities of your life. This idea is boringly flawed because in the participation of it you will quickly recognize that you are working to pay bills so that you can work to pay more bills. It must be pointed out here that the JOB turns out to be a dead end proposition and you can’t get ahead from sliding backwards !!

The more you work the more you work and the less you enjoy life as it dawns on you at some point that “trading dollars for time” is a lose-lose proposition. You are the loser, you only have so much time and after that time is spent you’re done, so where do you go from here? You are stuck in a never-ending cycle revolving door of work til you are all but used up. The Company which has employed you these many moons has little or NO loyalty to you and as you approach the time for retirement, you’re confronted with the realization that you can’t afford that either!  See part 2 !!!


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