Let’s Talk Academics And Fun-da-mentals (part 3)

Let’s Talk Academics And Fundamentals

(part 3)

The recap this text; Corporate America’s JOB is a starting point, not the end goal while you get creating the new you and remember don’t put all your eggs in the JOB basket because most of them will never hatch. Follow your heart, re-energize your dreams and believe in you for a change…what are you afraid of, take a chance and bet on yourself. Your new journey will be littered with stormy inhospitable weather, wreck-sure potholes, speed bumps, detours, various calamities and trenches filled with ravenous alligators just awaiting visitors for supper. Warning: don’t stay in there too long and don’t pet the animals!

As was previously pointed out, the way is simple NOT easy but you have what it takes deep inside, you just gotta dig it out. Personal Development is Fun-da-mental, heavy on the mental…get it into you and start today. ThinkerBites reminds you that; “It’s All About The U In You!” It always was you know……

It’s About You!