Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Every year we celebrate Valentines day, the day dedicated to love and the expressions of warm togetherness. The story goes something like this; in the days of old and nobody knows exactly when that was, lovers would send a note to the one they loved. People asked their special someone to be their Valentine, sort of akin to asking someone to be your sweetheart. Haaaaaaah! Well that’s the short and long of it and you’re welcome to the history lesson. We work hard here at ThinkerBites sharing the love that keeps on giving in a life-changing cascade of energetic positively overwhelming fuzzy feelings. Wow that was a mouth full of verbosity and we were proud of it too!

Anyway, we’re pleased that you dropped by and know you’re hungry to grab your normal mental munching Bite for tonight; DrumrollKeeping balance of time in your life is a necessity that will prevent the neglect of family, friends aiding in the avoidance of loneliness.” We will use the analogy of life is a garden; it must be tilled, watered and weeded or a sorry harvest will always result. As human beings we are in a perpetual growing process or we are decaying, one or the other and the choice is your’s. It’s a sad person that at the end of life, realizes they never took the chance to play the game with balance and so have no closeness to family, friends or that one-special someone….Make sure the balance of your life is growing, life can’t be all about business and be satisfying and happy!    Happy Valentine’s Day…………….It’s All About The U In You!


It’s About You!