When 100% = Failure

When 100% Isn’t Enough

In everybody’s life a little rain must fall, okay but you find yourself asking what about a full-blown monsoon? You know the kind of storm that blows you clear off course to somewhere unfamiliar and right into the middle of nowhere.  This is the point where your friends interject; “I have never been there” giving you get the feeling that this has never happened to  anyone on the planet but you. There is even an “uncalled-for” reaction from your family who offer the phrase arranged  for just such a terrible experience; welcome to the real world and they have absolutely no idea what you have just been through. Somehow nobody else understands what has befallen you. Still in total disarray you realize that Hell has no furry like the sudden outset of the Apocalypse which drove the bus over you and obviously no one else is getting the picture!

You stand all alone in your misery feeling sorry for yourself and pondering the “why me” scenario. Been there? The truth is we have or will be in the same situation many times in our lives because what happens to us happens to us all. The troubles  and struggles of living are common to all human beings; it’s called the realization of the human condition which we all face. The people who say they have no life storms will lie to you about other things too! The late, great Jim Rohn said; “What happens to you isn’t important, it’s what you do about what happens that matters.”

STOP, take a deep breath, clear your mind, exhale and inhale slowly while you put your mind into your quite place. A calm will develop momentarily and you can finally get a hold of your raging brain waves. The nerve-racking ride has subsided and you can once more return to your life as usual, that is after cleaning up the mess the storm left you in it’s wake. This moment of calm and relaxation has been brought to you be your friendly online neighborhood ThinkerBites, in an effort to clarify the calamities described in the first paragraph.

The Bite for tonight is; “You will always fail at 100% of the chances you never take.” Despite the storms and detours your life will experience, which can make you a bit leery of the clouds that roll by in your everyday sky, the worst failures of your life will be the ones you never took a chance on. The regret that this failure can last all your life so don’t get so stuck on the storms in your life, everybody has them. The key is to discipline yourself to get over those hard times quickly and get back to work on the actions designed to achieve your goals. Remember; “It’s All About The U In You” and it always was…….


It’s About You!