Help Needed: Instructions Are NOT Included


Instructions NOT Included

The mental-dietary Bite for tonight is an educational exploration extravaganza!  We delve into the the points of learning, knowing, doing and teaching others how to do the same. While it is fundamentally necessary that you get an education, it is also important to understand what was said by Jim Rohn and we are paraphrasing; “Academic education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune.”

Correctly guided positive actions must be injected into what we learn and know in order achieve the intended goals we design. The final obligation for those who’ve seen the light is to HELP those who haven’t. The first KEY to leadership is to understand; there is more than one way to skin a cat and the phrase; “that’s the way it was always done” must be tossed-out of the equation altogether. The second Key for they who would be leaders is to remember how it felt before you got the picture? There are doubts and confusion in the minds of everybody who is new to the philosophy of Personal Development as it begins to change their thinking. It starts as a spark and must be fanned into a flame and if properly tended, it will become a sustainable fire. Remember there is a difference between a useful fire and a spark!

By the way, we have some folks who discovered Personal Development and stalled out in their growth because of neglected feedings that were never prepared by a leader or mentor at the initial encounter with the new self actuation. The new way of thinking that come packaged in a bright shining flashy cover and a note in tiny print that reads: operating instructions NOT included……

There are so many broken people out there who have missed building a fire because some leader did not take the responsibility to help them learn how. The only down-side to Personal Development remains that most who could teach others until they mature enough to be self dependent, don’t. Teaching can not be a hit and miss operation, understandable communication is the name of the game. It is about time that those who know what it takes to make it exert the effort help those who don’t. Together we can build a better team through better leadership from the bottom all the way to the top! Leaders.. the Bite for tonight is directed at you; “Lives are effected by what we learn, what we know, what we do but most of all by who and what we teach.”

Reach for the joy that is contained only in helping others find the way out of the darkness and into the lighted pathway toward the pursuit of their dreams. Note: To find what you can’t see is an insurmountable task to most human beings, they will fumble around for awhile then give-up and give-out….Leaders help by turning on your light to show the way. Try to listen with your heart, recalling how alone, afraid, shy and helpless you felt when you began your own journey. They’re filled with so many questions, some of which they don’t even know how to ask so be tenderly patient. The objective is to POUR your knowledgeintothem and NOT ontothem and there is a very big difference. Hey LEADERS, help those who can’t swim learn how…jump on in, the water’s just fine! “It’s All About The U In You” and them ..….


It’s About You!