Forgetful Prevention

The Bite for today hit’s close to home for me because I’m at the place in my life where my memory is on a degrading slope, that is to say that my memory is going on a permanent lunch break while the rest of me is still on the field in the middle of the game.

We will all deal with this issue at some point in our lives, the problem is how to cope with the disastrous embarrassment, massive inconvenience and the other trouble which it creates. The one thing I have gathered that might be of some interest to you this horrible monster is on it’s way to your house! Here are somethings that you can do to slow the progression of or eliminate the effects of memory loss altogether. First, you can learn to plant key words in your mind that will help you remember certain specific ideas, phrases, letters or words called acronyms which are usually abbreviations of an idea or title that will key a certain thought when queried. An example might be The American Medical Association is remembered by the Letters AMA, now that wasn’t too difficult was it; there are many more you can learn and invent your own. Secondly, you could have a brain transplant but due to the lack of good brain availability and the cost of the a fore mentioned procedure, unless your a billionaire is this one’s out of the question! Thirdly, if you are young the question is academic, just stop getting older and you’ve solved your problem….( boo-hiss-hiss) that’s not much of an option but all opt-out’s are considered here at ThinkerBites.

Fourthly the easiest way of all is our last and recommended solution: stop trying to remember it and write it down. The reward for this method is a quick note read can trigger a huge group of memories. ThinkerBites offers this bit of mental calories for your mind’s culinary enjoyment; “You don’t need to write it down, you’ll remember that!” has turned-out to be the biggest lie I ever told myself! We are just here to help but it really is “All About The U Inside You!”



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