Download and Install

Download and Install

In the previous ThinkerBite post we discussed the fact that to make a change in your life you must first download, install and implement a new set of directions for the control of your subconscious mind. Our ingrained behaviors are initiated by the subconscious rather than the conscious mind. The terminology used is a change in the “paradigm” which is the blackboard of directions for your actions (unconscious mind) kept safely out of range (from conscious mind) so that these directives can not  be easily nor accidentally changed and altered….science calls this your subconscious mind. Most of our daily decisions are made with our emotions via the subconscious mind. Your beliefs and attitudes are products of this segment of your brain and as such are not easily changeable. In order to fix the defect in your subconscious/unconscious mind it is necessary to download and install a new un-corrupted operating system and install it.

Once you understand that your data is corrupted, you know you need to download the new data and dump the old corrupted-outdated instructions. In order for your system to operate properly there are sometimes you just gotta defrag your hard drive. The necessary effort is a painstakingly time consuming pain in the neck but survival of the entire system is in danger and putting it off can mean a possible exposure to the incurable, ever frightening “blue screen of death” to be interpreted as life-failure and regret. The key to understanding the mental picture we just drew is three fold; the unconscious is where the instructions are located and that is protected by the emotion center of the subconscious which separates the conscious from the unconscious. We related this seldom talked-about truth to the operation of a computer system simply because most people understand the basic concept of digital systems and the language used to describe them.

The fact remains that we are programmed during our formative years by the education system, family traditions, cultural observances, beliefs and religious institutions. While it’s true we are to some existent products of our environment, upon recognition that what we have thought previously was incorrect we can update our thinking (defrag hard-drive), change our operating  procedures (operating-system download) and redirect activity(install the new download). Once we have our new system installed {use of personal development is required} to reset to the new mode of operation by the change of a few old habits and the implementation of writing new instructions to the unconscious mind which will be the next Bite in this series.

The ThinkerBite for your mental digestion tonight is; “A wasted mind is like a closed parachute, til it is opened it’s absolutely useless” open your mind to a new and better reality by becoming all that you can be. A story is told about a man who became despondent over the sudden failure of his livelihood so much so that he jumped off a ten story building…I know the story to be true because I heard him scream when he passed the  open window of my bathroom on the sixth floor… so far, so good! That’s how many folk see their future to nowhere while leaving it to chance, life is really changed by a choice deep inside you and not by some fate of chance slapping you down. Check out the next Bite which deals with implementing your newly installed software….


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