Finally we (implement new directives) into our everyday life functions utilizing all the new software and systems we just put in motion for the computer on the end of our necks. As humorous as this might sound the discovery of this information can completely change your relationship to your life success or failure. Despite what you have been taught; you can attain your dreams, be happy and avoid the terrible pit-fall of regret awaiting those who don’t know the truth about the power of the human mind to exert the force controlling the mental energy which in turn governs our personal lives. The truth is that you can’t do any of the above criteria without some degree of common sense so if you are short on that item better kick your game up a notch or two and get some, it’s called Personal Development.

What we are talking about here is you putting yourself out there to gain some Personal Development which enables you to gain the knowledge necessary to gather that common sense which is really not that common and use it to your advantage by creating a better version of you. To begin the implementation of your new-found program to retrain and develop your subconscious mind to seek your success rather than your failure, you must face your attitudes and your self-esteem issues first. Bad habits such as negativity and can’t do syndromes won’t be an asset so dump them, replacing them with a positive prospective and a can do resolve will produce the desired result. Spend some time thinking when it’s quiet and you can begin to meditate on positive actions. WARNING: this is not an overnight process, like anything worthwhile it takes time which is normal. There aren’t very many over-night success stories that are true and examples for that are everywhere. I once listened to an interview with a successful singer/song writer and performer who was asked how it felt to be an overnight success to which he replied; I have no idea. I have been working to get where I am now for twenty hard years. I have played backup guitar for some of the biggest singers on the planet til I finally earned my opportunity and here I am. It just wasn’t one of those overnight things!

The Bite for tonight is simple and short; how to make the changes necessary we have gone through in this and the previous two posts about reprogramming your unconscious mind through your subconscious all boil down to this;”Any worthwhile change for you is all up to you.” As we’ve said so many times; ” It’s All About The U In You“… and it has been all along!



It’s About You!