What the heck is a Thinker Bite???

The Loveliest Person I Know

“The Loveliest Person I Know.”

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  I  am Chuck   along  with my  lovely wife Becky,  we began a journey together on the road to our life long dreams of more freedom from the ball & chain of cooperate America.The light of a new way of  thinking  known  as   “Personal Development” entered our lives  and  captivated us both. Today we are on a mission to help others as we were helped, to share the vision of the greatness patiently  lying  dormant  inside every human being  waiting to be discovered,  recognized  and energized.  About one year ago,  I became aware of  a missing need  for some  original  positive  “quips”  and  “quotes”. Because I enjoy writing and  I received  encouragement from my wife, I composed my first Thinker Bite. At first it was evolving almost on it’s own, I named it and have been writing them ever since.  Please feel  free  to browse at your leisure,  after all,  you are the reason that we are here. It is my sincere desire that Thinker Bites be helpful, inspirational and motivational. If you have any suggestions, feel welcome to leave them. Myself and/or my wife will read and carefully consider all comments, answering any left with an E mail address. It is our intent that you receive content of value to you and your entrepreneurial endeavors here at Thinker Bites. Please like, comment and share, if you are a past reader of Thinker Bites while we were on Facebook, a special Glad you are here! Thank You ALL for stopping by and please feel at home and welcome, kick your shoes off and stay awhile! We hope you come back Soon and Often!

ps – God bless you and yours,

Chuck & Becky Taber







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