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I am Chuck creator and writer ( always maybe & usually am ) assisted by my lovely wife of 26 years, Becky. I am a Medical Laboratory Tech for a major Cancer Center and my wife is an Registered Nurse employed at a surgical specialty facility in Arkansas. We both attended the University of Arkansas/ Fort Smith and North Arkansas College/ Harrison. We have a son and a daughter, both grown and a grand daughter of ( not so grown) about two months old. Grandma has already hopelessly spoiled her and I expect that to continue, despite my best efforts. ThinkerBites is both a pleasure and a labor of love. Let's open up a "positive" can of worms together!

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Help Needed: Instructions Are NOT Included


Instructions NOT Included

The mental-dietary Bite for tonight is an educational exploration extravaganza!  We delve into the the points of learning, knowing, doing and teaching others how to do the same. While it is fundamentally necessary that you get an education, it is also important to understand what was said by Jim Rohn and we are paraphrasing; “Academic education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune.”

Correctly guided positive actions must be injected into what we learn and know in order achieve the intended goals we design. The final obligation for those who’ve seen the light is to HELP those who haven’t. The first KEY to leadership is to understand; there is more than one way to skin a cat and the phrase; “that’s the way it was always done” must be tossed-out of the equation altogether. The second Key for they who would be leaders is to remember how it felt before you got the picture? There are doubts and confusion in the minds of everybody who is new to the philosophy of Personal Development as it begins to change their thinking. It starts as a spark and must be fanned into a flame and if properly tended, it will become a sustainable fire. Remember there is a difference between a useful fire and a spark!

By the way, we have some folks who discovered Personal Development and stalled out in their growth because of neglected feedings that were never prepared by a leader or mentor at the initial encounter with the new self actuation. The new way of thinking that come packaged in a bright shining flashy cover and a note in tiny print that reads: operating instructions NOT included……

There are so many broken people out there who have missed building a fire because some leader did not take the responsibility to help them learn how. The only down-side to Personal Development remains that most who could teach others until they mature enough to be self dependent, don’t. Teaching can not be a hit and miss operation, understandable communication is the name of the game. It is about time that those who know what it takes to make it exert the effort help those who don’t. Together we can build a better team through better leadership from the bottom all the way to the top! Leaders.. the Bite for tonight is directed at you; “Lives are effected by what we learn, what we know, what we do but most of all by who and what we teach.”

Reach for the joy that is contained only in helping others find the way out of the darkness and into the lighted pathway toward the pursuit of their dreams. Note: To find what you can’t see is an insurmountable task to most human beings, they will fumble around for awhile then give-up and give-out….Leaders help by turning on your light to show the way. Try to listen with your heart, recalling how alone, afraid, shy and helpless you felt when you began your own journey. They’re filled with so many questions, some of which they don’t even know how to ask so be tenderly patient. The objective is to POUR your knowledgeintothem and NOT ontothem and there is a very big difference. Hey LEADERS, help those who can’t swim learn how…jump on in, the water’s just fine! “It’s All About The U In You” and them ..….


It’s About You!

When 100% = Failure

When 100% Isn’t Enough

In everybody’s life a little rain must fall, okay but you find yourself asking what about a full-blown monsoon? You know the kind of storm that blows you clear off course to somewhere unfamiliar and right into the middle of nowhere.  This is the point where your friends interject; “I have never been there” giving you get the feeling that this has never happened to  anyone on the planet but you. There is even an “uncalled-for” reaction from your family who offer the phrase arranged  for just such a terrible experience; welcome to the real world and they have absolutely no idea what you have just been through. Somehow nobody else understands what has befallen you. Still in total disarray you realize that Hell has no furry like the sudden outset of the Apocalypse which drove the bus over you and obviously no one else is getting the picture!

You stand all alone in your misery feeling sorry for yourself and pondering the “why me” scenario. Been there? The truth is we have or will be in the same situation many times in our lives because what happens to us happens to us all. The troubles  and struggles of living are common to all human beings; it’s called the realization of the human condition which we all face. The people who say they have no life storms will lie to you about other things too! The late, great Jim Rohn said; “What happens to you isn’t important, it’s what you do about what happens that matters.”

STOP, take a deep breath, clear your mind, exhale and inhale slowly while you put your mind into your quite place. A calm will develop momentarily and you can finally get a hold of your raging brain waves. The nerve-racking ride has subsided and you can once more return to your life as usual, that is after cleaning up the mess the storm left you in it’s wake. This moment of calm and relaxation has been brought to you be your friendly online neighborhood ThinkerBites, in an effort to clarify the calamities described in the first paragraph.

The Bite for tonight is; “You will always fail at 100% of the chances you never take.” Despite the storms and detours your life will experience, which can make you a bit leery of the clouds that roll by in your everyday sky, the worst failures of your life will be the ones you never took a chance on. The regret that this failure can last all your life so don’t get so stuck on the storms in your life, everybody has them. The key is to discipline yourself to get over those hard times quickly and get back to work on the actions designed to achieve your goals. Remember; “It’s All About The U In You” and it always was…….


It’s About You!

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Every year we celebrate Valentines day, the day dedicated to love and the expressions of warm togetherness. The story goes something like this; in the days of old and nobody knows exactly when that was, lovers would send a note to the one they loved. People asked their special someone to be their Valentine, sort of akin to asking someone to be your sweetheart. Haaaaaaah! Well that’s the short and long of it and you’re welcome to the history lesson. We work hard here at ThinkerBites sharing the love that keeps on giving in a life-changing cascade of energetic positively overwhelming fuzzy feelings. Wow that was a mouth full of verbosity and we were proud of it too!

Anyway, we’re pleased that you dropped by and know you’re hungry to grab your normal mental munching Bite for tonight; DrumrollKeeping balance of time in your life is a necessity that will prevent the neglect of family, friends aiding in the avoidance of loneliness.” We will use the analogy of life is a garden; it must be tilled, watered and weeded or a sorry harvest will always result. As human beings we are in a perpetual growing process or we are decaying, one or the other and the choice is your’s. It’s a sad person that at the end of life, realizes they never took the chance to play the game with balance and so have no closeness to family, friends or that one-special someone….Make sure the balance of your life is growing, life can’t be all about business and be satisfying and happy!    Happy Valentine’s Day…………….It’s All About The U In You!


It’s About You!

Let’s Talk Academics And Fun-da-mentals (part 3)

Let’s Talk Academics And Fundamentals

(part 3)

The recap this text; Corporate America’s JOB is a starting point, not the end goal while you get creating the new you and remember don’t put all your eggs in the JOB basket because most of them will never hatch. Follow your heart, re-energize your dreams and believe in you for a change…what are you afraid of, take a chance and bet on yourself. Your new journey will be littered with stormy inhospitable weather, wreck-sure potholes, speed bumps, detours, various calamities and trenches filled with ravenous alligators just awaiting visitors for supper. Warning: don’t stay in there too long and don’t pet the animals!

As was previously pointed out, the way is simple NOT easy but you have what it takes deep inside, you just gotta dig it out. Personal Development is Fun-da-mental, heavy on the mental…get it into you and start today. ThinkerBites reminds you that; “It’s All About The U In You!” It always was you know……

It’s About You!

Let’s Talk Academics And Fun-da-mentals (part 2)

Let’s Talk Fundamentals

(part 2)

Enter the second idea, which can, if properly applied enable you to have the time to stop and smell the roses while enjoying their beauty without the hourly restraints of a JOB. One of the fathers of the Personal Development the perfect ideological philosophy, Mr. Jim Rohn said it like this: “An Academic education will make you a living, self education will make you a fortune.” He stressed the Fundamentals of self actuation and taught the ancient ideas of becoming a better version of yourself by the adaptation of the Philosophy of Personal Development.

The Bible, arguably the greatest book ever written says it like this; “As a man thinketh so is he.” In order to change your life, you must first change your thinking.  The Bite tonight is provided by business wizard and Personal Development guru David Byrd said; “You can not become who you’ve never been by doing what you’ve always done.” Unfortunately, we are not schooled in the methods of attracting success aside from the ideals of social conformity which we already decided don’t work, so where do we go from here? The answer to the American dream is the Fundamental format. By educating yourself in the improvement of you, enabling the creation of a better version of yourself and thereby increasing your value in the marketplace is the only simple solution to the problem.

Please note that I said simple, that does not mean easy. On the contrary, the process will prove extremely difficult at best. The key is you must learn to reprogram the beliefs of your subconscious mind in order to achieve the process. It should be mentioned at this point that the acquisition of your dreams is a journey and not a destination, therefore it won’t occur overnight. You must work hard on yourself but it pays to gather all the information you can to help you work smarter rather than harder. Check out part 3…….