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I am Chuck creator and writer ( always maybe & usually am ) assisted by my lovely wife of 26 years, Becky. I am a Medical Laboratory Tech for a major Cancer Center and my wife is an Registered Nurse employed at a surgical specialty facility in Arkansas. We both attended the University of Arkansas/ Fort Smith and North Arkansas College/ Harrison. We have a son and a daughter, both grown and a grand daughter of ( not so grown) about two months old. Grandma has already hopelessly spoiled her and I expect that to continue, despite my best efforts. ThinkerBites is both a pleasure and a labor of love. Let's open up a "positive" can of worms together!

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In The Final Analysis

 Final Analysis

The Bite for tonight is a short and sweet bit of truth common to anybody seeking discovery of the secrets to success and happiness.“In the final analysis, the outcome of your life is a series of selections and what you are or what you become is solely governed by the choices you make.”

The choices we make are personal and form a necessary ingredient in the development of being all that we can become. The three primary determining factors in our choices are thought, attitude and action. Our thoughts and attitudes control our responses which in turn select our choice of action.

To sum it all up, our success and happiness are a result of our own choices, our choices are the results of our thinking and attitudes which determine our ultimate actions….it’s a sort of chicken and egg scenario: like nature, truth has an uncanny habit being interdependently and perpetually repeatable. Our lives are like structures made of individual building blocks; the look, usability, versatility and strength of a building is all in the way it’s put together.

The point is; the first consideration for any serious construction is all about location, location, location and this key truth will determine the quality and durability of the structure you create. Make certain that the ground you build on isn’t a giant sink-hole or quick sand and it would be wise to know if it floods when it storms come because you know they will come. A person’s got to know that building a successful and happy life needs good ground, a good foundation and careful construction.

Take note of the fact that positive (THINKING) forms a positive attitude, which in turn creates the drive toward successful positive actions. Remember when you were in school one of the basics of algebra states that: {pos + pos = pos & neg + neg= pos} well that only works for math and not for life because a negative plus any kind of thought equals a negative result. Negative thinking and negative attitudes culminate in negative actions which can not produce a positive result … period. Success and happiness are positive entities and are dependent on positive thoughts, which produce positive attitudes, who’s end result is positive actions and learning that’s what this thing called life is really all about.

As always, it is indeed  “All About The U In You.” What you are right now isn’t the world’s fault, your parents or families fault, your unhappy childhood, your past monetary advantages or disadvantages, your social position, nor the lack of education or skill. It’s simply the result of your sphere of thinking because you really are and will become what you think, think about that awhile……positively of course! Positivity is contagious, catch it: be rewarded with the life you always dreamed about and start this minute. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, dream it, think it and make it.


It’s About You!

The Tomatoes At War!

Tomatoes At War

There are always a sufficient number of wars occurring on the planet at any given time to wet the appetite of any war-monger and the reasons involved are usually not legitimate, logical or even reasonable. The realities of war are death, suffering, property destruction and devastation of civil societies; these are a few of the reasons why it is a thing to be avoided. The fact is mankind is the only entity in our world that practices regular species elimination and lessening of the population levels of himself; sounds sort of stupid doesn’t it, that’s because it is.

The Bite for tonight isn’t our normal ThinkerBite but it is an expression of our view-point on the subject and you’re entitled to it, remember that (opinions are like bellybuttons, everybody has one!) For the most part, as far as we know, no animal species has developed any better weapons of self mass destruction the human beings nor utilized same on a regular basis which is of itself a depressing bit of informational data.


One would think that man would eventually come to the realization that war is a NEGATIVE natural trait of our nature and the tendency should be fought by reason and applied logic, which has not happened as yet. Think of the advances that could be achieved in medical sciences, agriculture and construction and the general quality of a human life if the moneys spent on new and better ways with which to kill each other were instead invested for betterment of the human condition. What advances would be possible are almost beyond imagination at this point, new methods for the improvement of our environment and other major issues of the day could be just around the corner if the necessary funds for research and development could be allocated.

ThinkerBites supplies this food for thought as your mental meal for tonight; “ Consider the number of large, red and ripe tomatoes that war against the small green tomatoes on the same vine, the answer is NONE!” Nature doesn’t contain any plant, animal or living creature that indiscriminately kills it’s own kind except us and the question begged for an answer is WHY? …. think it over and remember life is; “ All About The U In You.”


It’s About You!

A Life-Truth


A Life-Truth: Looking Down

The Bite for tonight is;“Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up.” It is easy to look at someone else’s life according to the things we perceive as success: their affluence, appearance, career or other possessions and be way off base in our conclusions. Human beings tend organize their lives very differently depending upon personal priorities and real life experiences. What might spell success to one person may not to another as there are man variations of opinion. There is little doubt that we are all quite different in innumerable ways and sometimes due to reasons which may not be easily seen by causal observation, incorrect judgments are easy to make.


The American Indians had a saying which expresses this life-truth well; “ Before you judge another; walk a mile in their moccasins.” The fact is you really don’t understand someone else’s life or position on their journey without knowing all the whys and wherefores. Most of the time, there are explanations for personal behavior which if known, the ‘rhyme or reason’ to the lives of others would make more sense.

It is very easy to look down upon someone else because they may not appear (WARNINGappearances can be deceiving) as financially, educationally, culturally, morally or intellectually advanced as you by your standards of success and failure. While at the same time, there is never a valid excuse for looking down upon someone else unless you’re helping them up, it is a natural human trait and one that should be avoided. Belittling or looking down on the worth of another is not only selfish and self destructive and disrespectful, it is also illogical because no one is bettered by it and it causes damages to all concerned; avoid it.

 The point has been made before that; “  It’s much easier to tear down someone else’s castle than to build your own” and while that saying is true the outcome from that bit of negative Philosophy is meat for our consideration and  also for some careful self- examination….remember how you treat others will be repeated in kind: you always get back in what you put out!


                It’s About You!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

There are more new technological ideas and practicalities being advanced today than anytime in history. It seems like everyday new inventions and studies that better “the human condition” hit the market creating a better understanding of the world we live in. Along with nanotechnology, medical science advances, electronics, robotics, general knowledge and  (AI) artificial intelligence.

 AI one of the fastest advancing of the new innovations,  an idea whose time has come and it has come a long way. AI is a small abbreviation for the big concept. AI has been an evolving theory in the last few years which has become a real-world reality; via our user friendly personal computer and it’s growing abilities to organize, process and utilize complex volumes of informational data.

What science has envisioned is a computer which has the ability to reason all on it’s own, in other words a computer that can think independently of us. The possibilities are tremendous and so are the dangers that can be imagined from the prospect….the idea that logical thought can be utilized by something other than humans is scary and filled with the nightmares of what “could” go wrong.


Well, as we occasionally do,  your friendlyonline ThinkerBites has some food for thought ( human only) in the Bite for tonight; “Artificial  intelligence: (AIis no match for natural stupidity!”

No matter how far or fast mankind advances or evolves, there seems to be an endless supply of stupidity among us, that shows little sign of direction correction despite our growing ability to understand more and more about our universe and mankind’s place in it.  No matter how human intelligence levels grow, ignorance, misunderstanding and good old fashioned stupid continue to be a prominent part of humanity and are poised to remain so for the foreseeable future. Speaking of futures; how’s your personal journey to reach your dreams going? You don’t need AI to create a great future for yourself and your loved ones because “It’s All About The U In You” and it has been from the beginning.


It’s About You!

A New Tomorrow {part 3}

 Your Monkey

In the final analysis if the common attitude of  “what will be will be” isn’t altered by you then life all too quickly passes away and you’re still fighting the elements as much as you ever have and you’re no closer to your dreams than you were last year, last month or last week. You aren’t any better off now than before trying (this or that) to correct your life direction which obviously hasn’t worked.

The changes that must be made are simple but they’re not easy because what is (easy to do) is also (easy not to do), think that one over awhile. Be aware “not to” never made any kind of change in anybody’s life in a positive direction.


You can claim, it’ not your circus,  not your call, not your monkey but it is what determines your future. Does another cavalcade of years like you’ve had so far sound like your perfect future? Well, if you don’t make a commitment to your dreams and change you, then you can’t blame anyone but yourself because in the end it is circus, your call and your monkey.


 The Bite for tonight is;“Manage You Own Circus, after all it’s your call and your monkey!” One more thought that fits here,     “ Frankenstein, behold your monster” life is really what you make it, by what you become.


Everyone must answer the question for themselves so ….  just what are you becoming?


It’s About You!