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I am Chuck creator and writer ( always maybe & usually am ) assisted by my lovely wife of 26 years, Becky. I am a Medical Laboratory Tech for a major Cancer Center and my wife is an Registered Nurse employed at a surgical specialty facility in Arkansas. We both attended the University of Arkansas/ Fort Smith and North Arkansas College/ Harrison. We have a son and a daughter, both grown and a grand daughter of ( not so grown) about two months old. Grandma has already hopelessly spoiled her and I expect that to continue, despite my best efforts. ThinkerBites is both a pleasure and a labor of love. Let's open up a "positive" can of worms together!

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Final Ride

Final Ride

You can’t take it with you the old saying goes and you know it’s true. We spend all our lives saving money, then we spend all our money trying to save our lives and the cold, hard fact remains that you go out of this world about the same way you came in with nothing in your hands. The savings account you have saved so hard for, the retirement program you’ve invested in and all the material things gathered during a lifetime won’t go with you when you die. Will Rogers once said; “ One thing about living, you can never get out of this world alive” which just about sums it up.

Death is no respecter of persons, social position, wealth, friends or influence when the Grim Reaper knocks on your door no one can refuse to answer. We are all very mortal, despite what modern teenagers think and when your number is up…your out of the game it’s that simple. Meanwhile back at the ranch, we go through the same routines everyday seemingly oblivious to our temporary human condition. Sometimes we are so busy you’d think we planned to live here forever but don’t get caught up in that mind-set because you and I will have a funeral for certain at some future point in time. Keep that thought in the back of your mind and be thankful for the time you do have and no of us knows how much time that will be.

Because this is such a weighty, important and sobering reality for us all, it prompts the proper words of mental wisdom from ThinkerBites and with that introduction we offer the Bite for tonight; ” There are NO u-hauls behind a hearse.” Don’t fear your mortality, just be aware of it and live your life with a positized attitude because “It’s All About The U In You“…….


 It’s About You!




Your Own Lane

Stay In Your Lane

If you’ve ever driven during the rush hour or on a congested busy street then you know there’s nothing as nerve-racking as people who don’t stay in their own lane.For some reason the crazy drivers out of all the other people on the road seem to find me in order to demonstrate their driving skills.

While this scenario is humorous and dangerous at the same time it is also a great opportunity to learn a valuable life lesson. Remember you are in control of how and where you drive, not the other drivers on the road so put both hands on the steering wheel, guide it carefully so you’ll end-up where you were going all in one piece. Although this concept is simple, some folks just can’t stay in their own lane which does increase the likelihood of injurious and costly accidents to both life and property. Add to the mix cell phone texting, interactive social media and the remaining general distractions and you’ve got an accident looking for a place to happen. Paying attention to staying in your own lane just became increasingly dangerous to neglect.



The principals of staying in your own lane contain valuable applications as to how we should live our lives; namely pay attention to your own business on the road toward your goals and refuse to be distracted by the activities going on around you. We’re not that saying don’t be aware of everything else in the world, just don’t be a participant in the confusion and the busyness; keep control of your own direction, captain your own ship and run your own race. In the end you will be healthier, happier and attract more success because after-all that is the name of the game. Let’s reiterate the Bite for tonight; “ Be careful to stay in your own lane.” Remember if you don’t control your own goals, someone else’s goals will control you. Life is a participation sport so if you sit out the game on the side line you will gain regret and lose everything that really matters in the end. Place both hands on the wheel, positize your attitude, calm your mind, concentrate and drive on to your dreams….in your own lane!


It’s About You!

Dancing and Dreams

Dancing & Dreams

 The subject for the Bite tonight revolves around the human commonality of dreams.  We all have them, at least in the beginning of our early lives until the time we abandoned them along the roadside on the way to adulthood. The reasons for the rejection of our dreams is that we are being molded to become “grown-ups” or so we are told. The reasoning reportedly is dreams are for kids so you’ve just got to leave them behind in your childhood. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, get your head out of the clouds and join the ranks of the unhappy majority. Fore this is the plight of your life, the reason you were born, to grow, mature, work and die satisfied with whatever fleeing moments of happiness that you can experience; all because this is the destiny of life for everyone except the lucky. As a wise man once said; there is a such thing as luck because I have learned the harder I work, the luckier I get !

Well I’m here to tell you a secret; this is BS and you’ve been sold a fake bill of goods. Your dreams are still alive and can be resurrected by a tiny concept called belief, belief in yourself, a willingness to work your rear off and take action. Dreams don’t materialize by wishing or wanting but they do respond to a positive attitude fueled by action. Go for it and grab onto your dream life-style before you run out of life-time. Time is an ever advancing enemy to the pursuit of your dreams.

The thought for your mental diet tonight is courtesy of your friendly online neighborhood ThinkerBites; life is a dance, “Don’t dance around your dreams because they don’t know that step.”Go after your dreams in the dance of life with all that you can become…success and happiness will be attracted to you! There’s no time like today to get started ….



It’s About You!






Health & Exercise


The life-style of most people today is busy and we are usually busy most with the things that matter least yet when it’s all said we all need exercise on a regular basis. It’s hard to set aside time to go to the gym so some folks purchase equipment for use at home and it sets in the corner or someplace out of the way and gathers dust. Remember out of sight, out of mind?

We go to our Doctors with problems partially caused by a lack of exercise on a regular basis. The American Medical Association 2017 data reports suggest that the rises in pandemic major health issues world wide are initiated by a terrible diet and non-existent program of exercise. As one comedian put it; ” you are what you eat said a wise old man and Lord if that’s true I’m a garbage can.” You can’t expect a finely tuned machine to run well without proper care and on inferior fuel, so it is with the master machine: the human body.

Although human beings aren’t part of the world’s modern scientific technological advancements do have something in common with computers, you get out of a system what you put in or “garbage in = garbage out.” This point leads me to our ThinkerBite for tonight; “Exercising your body will help you live longer, exercising your mind will help you live better!” While it is important to feed your body and exercise properly, don’t forget to care for and exercise your mind. A strong mind brings peace in  the storms of life and satisfaction in a life well lived…..as always we’re here and “It’s All About The U In You.”


Short Cuts

“The Thing About Short Cuts

The matter of fact is that people are ALWAYS seeking a faster method of doing everything. We have designed machines, devices, labor saving processors, tools and the list goes on and on with little sign of slowing down at this point in time. People are wise to the idea that if something can be done easier and faster then there is more profit to be made doing it. Take as an example fast food; does it taste better than conventional foods, no but it doesn’t require hours in the kitchen preparing the meals either.


The older mankind becomes the more we are into instant gratification in every way about everything including, but not limited to; clothes, cleaners, foods, transportation, education, menial tasks and even marriage has felt the instantaneous crunch. We want it and we want it now so we endlessly search for more instantly supplied basics, luxuries and necessities which we think make our lives better. These modern day inventions may not make your life better but they sure do make it faster as we search for greater short cuts to improve the improvements.

At some point life experience has had to show you that faster is not always better, quicker is not always more satisfying and cheaper is sometimes just that a cheaper, a lower quality replacement that is of less value than the original. In essence the real truth remains evident, as plain as the nose on your face: understand that short cutting doesn’t work on everything! This brings us to the ThinkerBite for tonight; “Short cuts sometimes aren’t” and that about nails that one down… Remember that short cuts can be more costly than we wanted to pay, require greater education than we wished to invest, generate more problems than it ever solved so be careful and watch out for those short cuts that aren’t

It’s About You!