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I am Chuck creator and writer ( always maybe & usually am ) assisted by my lovely wife of 26 years, Becky. I am a Medical Laboratory Tech for a major Cancer Center and my wife is an Registered Nurse employed at a surgical specialty facility in Arkansas. We both attended the University of Arkansas/ Fort Smith and North Arkansas College/ Harrison. We have a son and a daughter, both grown and a grand daughter of ( not so grown) about two months old. Grandma has already hopelessly spoiled her and I expect that to continue, despite my best efforts. ThinkerBites is both a pleasure and a labor of love. Let's open up a "positive" can of worms together!

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Spectator Sports

 Spectators Beware !

The fast paced lives that people live today have caused humans to seek out ways to relax, unwind and escape from our stresses. This idea is commonly referred to as chill-out, kick-back or zone down and most Americans turn to that old stand by: the “boob-tube” via some kind of game, movie or spectator sport.

Motion pictures seem to have lost a great deal of their luster but the popularity of sporting events such as; baseball, soccker, football, hockey, boxing, wrestling and video games are still at the top of the heap. People spend countless hours and monies watching these events on a regular basis and it seems everyone has their favorite sport, team, athlete or performer.

Spectator sports are a great out let for human stress and frustration but aren’t the number one aim of life. What then is or should be the number one concern for people just trying to enjoy life and live it to the fullest? The truth is that all people have dreams and desired goals, some of which are common and some are unique to the individual person.

Thank God that our likes and dislikes aren’t all the same! However, there is one universal truth that cannot be ignored even by those with the smallest dreams and needs. The universal truth is our ThinkerBite for tonight; “Being part of the audience of humanity is cool experience but life is not a spectator sport, it requires personal, hands-on participation.” It may amaze you to discover that not everyone wants to be wealthy, a person can be rich and possess little of worldly material value. Riches are close friends, family, common positions such as sight, health, vitality and mental wellness. Relationships and peace of mind both mental and spiritual are certainly desirable positions that make a person rich.

Okay, to the point: in order to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise you MUST be a participant and NOT just a spectator in this game called life. Remember; “ It’s All About The U In You” and it always was…….



  It’s About You!

Along The Way


Although life seems to consist of a constant storm, there are times of peaceful calm and serenity. While on your life’s journey, remember life is a journey and not a destination. Understanding this premise makes it all the more valuable to recognize that life is not about avoiding the storms; that can’t be done. It is however about building a better shelter from the storm along the way.

Developing a better shelter from life’s storms made-up of better thinking, positive attitude and committed mind-set are the best way to achieve that. You’ve probably heard it said ; It doesn’t matter what you do, life is about chance and what will be will be, therefore do or do not, it matters little. Fate controls it all. That  statement is a real load of BS and the biggest generating supply of major human depression since the beginning of time.

Isn’t it time to correct that misconception, stop the depression at the source and really make an attempt to understand ourselves? The answer is a loud resoundingly definite yes, why not get a handle on your own thinking and better yourself in the process…today can be a new beginning of better times to come.  The Bite for tonight is ; “You can’t stop birds from flying over your head, but you can stop them from building a nest in your hair!

When a storm is ragging don’t just stand there, build a shelter beginning with the framework of a positive mind-set. By the way, that’s why we are here to help you get yourself going through a deeper understanding of what all that entails; without having to learn everything the hard way. We’ve been there and done that and we’re here so you don’t have to repeat our mistakes. Remember; ” It’s All About The U In Youand that is the bottom line.

It’s About You!

Who’s Responsible?

  You That’s Who!

The Question has been asked a million times, Who is responsible for all the good and bad things, that occur in our lives each and everyday? Well the short of it is we are; although we are NOT responsible for what happens, we are responsible for how we deal with what happens. Success in life is more about attitude and our thinking patterns than most of us realize or are willing to admit. The Bite for tonight;”Positive results are NEVER produced by negative means.”

Allow me to elaborate; the attitude with which you respond to a given situation will affect the overall outcome of that event. Pessimism has no part in the life of a successful person because it is entirely built upon Negativity.The who is you and me as individuals and as collective members of the human race. It is human nature to blame our failures and defeats on the actions of others rather than to look into ourselves.

The next time you feel like life is unfair and sometimes brutal remember this, it is; the secret is to learn to turn the negatives into positives and deal with it.  As we are fond of saying here at ThinkerBites; “Attitude will effect your altitude so make your latitude positive.” To this end, we offer the Bite for tonight;”Positive results are NEVER produced by negative means.” Think about it………………


It’s About You!

The Same Old Song

Old Song/New Verse

Is your everyday the same old song? Is your life like the movie;” Ground hog day”, an ever repeating succession of calamity, failure and disappointment? Well, welcome to the cure: it’s been inside you all along…your own choice of view-point. Yep, you have scripted your own story and before you can correct that, you must get a handle on the cure which is all in the attitude with which you view the events of your life.

The cure in short is retrain (CHANGE) your mind in the way you perceive what happens in your world on a daily basis and modify your reaction in a positive direction. The Bite for tonight is courtesy of the late, great Jim Rohn who said;” If you don’t like how things are in your life, change it! You’re not a tree.”
Let’s begin right now to better your future: change your method of handling your problems.

Here at ThinkerBites we want you to know; it may be “The same old song but you can write a brand new verse!” Positive thinking creates positive attitudes, which in turn will generate positive results…..but only YOU can rewrite the song and pen a new verse so let today be the first day of the rest of your life.

What are you waiting for and when will you begin to make your life into what you always wanted it to be? Hopefully you’ll begin before you run out of time, the saddest thing in the world is potential that was never brought to life and given a chance to succeed. Don’t forget that it’s All About The U In You!”



It’s About You!

The Up & Down Of It


  Ups & Downs

 This is probably not the best time for me to address the issue of the ups & downs in life as at the moment my wife and I have the flu. Ever notice when you’re sick the world is constant annoyances of noise, light, movement and activity toward which you have anything but a positive attitude. To put icing on the cake, our son, daughter-in-law and 19 month old granddaughter are living with us and they also have just had or are presently suffering from the flu virus. No one wants to cook, at least anything that sound good and no one feels like going to get fast food either and so we all recede to our beds, sneeze, cough and practice being generally miserable.

Make no mistake, at ThinkerBites we suffer the down times just like the rest of you. Sickness, financial distress and the human condition touch us all but be of good cheer, we also find joy and peace of mind in the good times. Like the old song; count your many blessings, every one of us has enjoyed good times in life.  We must be on the look-out because it’s easy to adopt an attitude of negativity when dark clouds appear out of nowhere bringing in a storm. Remember there is always sunshine after the rain and a bad outlook only encourages a greater pessimistic attitude, which in turn causes the storm to become stronger. The way you think does matter, thought is a powerful force so may “the positive force” be with you!

You will still experience the “down times” but the right thinking can lessen their severity and lower your suffering during them. It is noteworthy that there can be no “up” without “down“, no good without bad, no sunshine without the rain…well you get the picture. Therefore, keep in mind that bad things happen to good people, it rains on us all and the idea is to create yourself a better shelter, not avoid the storm. The Bite for tonight is ; ” ups and downs are out of your control but your attitude about them isn’t.”



It’s About You!