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The Source

  The way in which the Laws of Physics operate in the universe are more organized and understandable than most of us ever realize, we travel through our everyday lives, living, loving, laughing and wandering among the pieces of our daily course while earning a living. Generally speaking, most of us seldom take the time to invest ourselves in a greater understanding of the universe in which we exist. People will tell you that they simply do not have the time, to indulge in attempting to continue learning, in a modern society that places such high constant demands on daily conformity. There is an operating methodology of structure in it all, an easily noticeable plan, an intelligent design, an underlying energy contained in all the spaces and masses in a universal continuum, we call reality.

  The rational accumulation of fact becomes clearer when examined without the egocentric preconceived intellectual teachings that presently infect the thinking logic of today’s academic institutes and icons of higher education. Upon the very first sincere investigation, it becomes obvious to even the casually docile imagination that there is below the surface movement of life, an energy emanating from all matter. This radiating force or power is sensed by the “inter-self “ through the eyes of the human mind and therefore is “felt by thoughts” so to speak. That is to say, this phenomenon can’t be touched with hands, is not a visual or tangible entity, but a creating force of energy we refer as God. It is very evident which is seen

there moving the pieces of the puzzle around in the background of life, guiding us to use the new ideas and the knowledge to the development of new technologies, while hopefully discovering the necessary wisdom to apply it on the way to our eventual destination.

By way of example, human beings like everything else in the universe must return to the source of beginning. This can be demonstrated by birth, struggling inside we instinctively move toward the outside and arrive into the bright light of our newly experienced cold and isolated world. We encounter life circumstances and environments that mold us over our infancy to childhood and on toward adult life. As we age, we search, as if compelled by a pre-wired instruction code or a self-driven inclination impulse, trying to understand the universal human questions of “where did I come from, what is my purpose and where am I going?”

Finally most people remain slightly inquisitive, however, they sir-cum to the opinions and beliefs of others, regardless of how fact-less the logical or the”science-based” the theories claim as empirical proof. At the middle of the average life span, we commonly become consumed by the acts of accumulating things, establishing fulfillment and seeking pleasures that will surely provide happiness, which inadvertently do not. We form and dissolve relationships without much contemplation or comprehension of the resultant consequences to ourselves and the others concerned. By the time we reach old age, we’re feeling “worn out”, lethargic and frustrated adopting attitudes supported by our life experiences, good, bad or indifferent.

Most human beings generally cling to the “old standby” ego attitudes of blank happens or Murphy’s Law, everything negative that can happen will, leaving us feeling morally bankrupt and emotionally destitute. Eventually, and hopefully prior to surrendering our physical packaging, we once again ask ourselves for a real answer to the ancient questions of life with a newly acquired self-understanding. A while before life leaves our bodies we discover that we have become as we began, mostly bald, wrinkled, weak-eyed and not quite as mentally acute as we were in younger days. When our lives pass from this world, “game over” right? WRONG we simply become a different form of the same energy from our Source, returning to that source in an altered plane of being. Like the rivers flow to their source of the seas, matter in the makeup of all things return to it’s original source, self-renewing energy. This explanation the human mind can understand because we always were a spiritual being in a human form, an energy force like all others, that change state but are never fade out of existence.


We truly are eternal beings, with an eternal life-force and fashioned after the same energy, God who is the source of the energy that powers our vast universe and controls all that matter exchanges constantly occurring therein. Whether you name this energy the force, the creator, or the God, this energy changes form and state but the composition of the energy remains constant. We are all on the road back to our source, we are just at differing points of the previously beaten path. As a medical Doctor friend of mine is fond of saying” we are all in the process of dying, we’re just in different stages.” Yep, we’re all on the road bound for the same inevitable destination and I suppose that about sums it up, but take heart and remember;It’s All About The U Inside You” and it always has been …

It's About You!

It’s About You!