The Right Fit


The Right Fit

Whether you have any mechanical inclination or not, finding hardware that fits  your needs is sometimes a grueling task. For instance, if you’ve ever worked on your own lawnmower or performed an emergency plumbing repair then you know how frustrating, and challenging connection of mechanical things can be. It seems that you always misplace at least one screw, nut , washer, connector, bolt or nut and you’ve can’t finish the job without it; been there, done that!

On you way, to the hardware store, which is usually the first of many trips to get something else that you failed to realize would be necessary in order to finish the job, you are already sorry that you began this project in the first place. Suck it in and things will work out which generally turns out fine unless you are performing a project suggestion encouraged by your better half because those will usually consume your entire day off and the experience is one you’de rather miss.Trying to please sometimes is akin to burning the candle at both ends, somebody is most likely to get burned on this one and since you’re the one holding the fire….well….guess who.


Completing a project will force you to recognize that fasteners must meet the requirements for the application in which they are used and more importantly the purpose they were designed and intended. This idea brings us to this thought which has been addressed as a single post in our Thinker Bite category previously: The idea is centered around bolts, selected by size and strength bolts will only work correctly when the proper nut is threaded onto them. “Think of bolt as your passion/work, yourself as the nut and make sure the bolt you’re threaded on is the right fit.” If the attitudes and actions in your life are a fit for a positive outcome, all will be well. However, if your attitudes and actions aren’t a fit,  to a positive life plan, then your long term success and happiness will suffer until the mismatch is corrected… “Happiness is being the right nut, threaded onto the right bolt!”

It's About You!

It’s About You!