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Our government is quite a mess, our money spent in great excess

The laws they pass can’t quite express the level of our frustratedness-

Our Congress is quite a joke,  claiming that the people spoke

They will spend and try to cloak,  then spend more til we’re all broke-

We’ll do without which they won’t do, til they can pass a raise or two

 They cry they care but they do not, til they get all we have got-

They will always legislate but never think to compensate

For the mass inflation rate, that they can’t seem to extricate-

It’s up to me and up to you, we must stand up but til we do

The IRS will be inline, for our annual kick behind-

It’s calculated to decree for sake of our security

Insanity must roam free in governmental society-

Somehow, somewhere we missed the boat, that freedom can not stay afloat

If we sit home, gripe and gloat while most of us don’t even vote-

As I write this and contemplate, I wonder what will be the fate

Of freedom we allow to degenerate, instead of love and consecrate-

America arise and speak, sure up the strong, lift up the weak

Tis unity of cause we seek, fore without that our course is bleak-

 Oh Hatred and Apathy, the cause of freedom’s woes

Tearing liberty’s fabric and lengthening as it goes-

Let’s repair the ties that bind us, for we must repatriate

Sure up the foundations of our great land, before it is too late-

What will be the consensus when history records our fate?

The answer to that question might generate some debate-

While slipping into the abyss of poverty, we must revive the goal

Of trying to keep our Congress from widening the hole!

– Chuck Taber  2016


I realized that I had acquired an enemy.

I listened to tales of his power and scoffed at his fame.


I surveyed the carnage that he left in his wake.


I studied and pursued him from one fight to another.


I located his stronghold and invaded his camp.


I assembled my forces and examined my options.

I orchestrated a war and led many against him.
I beheld his face and looked into his eyes.
I discovered my enemy was me …

 Charles (Chuck) William Taber


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